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Total Raised: Unavailable
1 VTEX = 0.31 USD
44 700 000 USD
Finished in: 160 days

Vertex makes crypto projects more popular and gathers all available information on new ICOs in one place. The crypto industry allows anyone to launch a token and get funded for the initiative. The Vortex platform offers a different approach to rate ICOs, based on an evaluation process that includes: business plan, use of funds, token distribution, legal status, disclosure, sale security, intellectual property, team structure and technology status. The community gets a clear indication if demand of a certain token exists before it is listed on exchanges. Platforms benefit from getting access to their users and network investors can make a careful selection and have higher chances of succeeding. With the VTEX token users can buy selected cryptocurrencies and have them sent directly to their wallets with discounts and Vertex uses it to fund some of its own ICO purchases.

Price In Ico 1 VTEX = 0.31 USD
Token: VTEX
Country: Cayman Islands
Accepting: BTC,ETH


  • Pre ICO Start: 02.07.2018
    Pre ICO End: 26.08.2018
  • ICO Start: 27.08.2018
    ICO End: 15.12.2018
  • Soft Cap: 3 000 000 USD
    Hard Cap: 44 700 000 USD