Sports Ledger 
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Total Raised: Unavailable
1 SPSL = 0.0004 ETH
194 000 ETH
Finished in: 115 days
Sports Ledger

Sports Ledger will create a sporting platform through an graphical user interface (GUI) that will allow the users to interact with sport data on a mobile and desktop app. Users will have access to statistics, intuitive visualizations, performance indicators and presentational tools such as secondary notation, instead of traditional, text-based data icons and user interfaces such as typed command labels or text navigation. An A.I. will use the data to analyze and provide statistics and predictions for sporting outcomes. Users can purchase this information with SPSL tokens. They can monetize their personal data or a specific sport related information or knowledge they have. Sports Ledger will allow clubs to reward fans who share useful data through content on the platform and promote the club. Clubs can create incentives with set parameters for reward and distribute SPSL tokens to loyal supporters. Users can give permissions to advertisers to advertise directly to them in exchange for SPSL tokens.

Price In Ico 1 SPSL = 0.0004 ETH
Token: SPSL
Country: UK
Accepting: ETH
  • Pre-sale: 30%-10%
  • Pre ICO Start: 01.11.2018
    Pre ICO End: 27.12.2018
  • ICO Start: 27.12.2018
    ICO End: 21.02.2019
  • Soft Cap: 11 640 ETH
    Hard Cap: 194 000 ETH