Trading & Investments
Total Raised: Unavailable
1 KRP = 0.12 ETH
114 311 ETH
Finished in: 107 days

Kryptoin is a cryptocurrency Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) system. It will allow users to assemble creation units or indices. It features five user levels with defined roles and capabilities. Kryptoin offers a Megawallet application that apart from the traditional wallet capabilities allows for the creation of various new ETF tokens, management of exchange rates in BTC, ETH and USD, manage assets under management and provide a desk for service and exchange. The platform features a trading desk that integrates with Bittrex and Bitfinex exchanges. It has arbitrage pricing comparison and offers instantaneous trade across exchanges. The platform plans to integrate Binance, Upbit and Poloniex cryptocurrency exchanges.

Price In Ico 1 KRP = 0.12 ETH
Token: KRP
Country: Cayman Islands
Accepting: ETH
  • Pre-sale: 40%
  • ICO round 1: 24%
  • ICO round 2: 18%
  • ICO round 3: 12%
  • ICO round 4: 6%
  • ICO round 5: 3%
  • Pre ICO Start: 01.05.2018
    Pre ICO End: 01.09.2018
  • ICO Start: 01.09.2018
    ICO End: 01.03.2019
  • Soft Cap: 28 557 ETH
    Hard Cap: 114 311 ETH