Energy & Utilities
Total Raised: Unavailable
1 ECE = 0.80 USD
500 000 000 USD
Finished in: 135 days

EarthCycle is launching a cryptocoins to fund mass adoption of existing technologies and solutions to environmental and humanitarian problems. Right now four businesses are ready to establish additional branches with EarthCycle funding. One of them is an oil processing company named Pesco-Beam that offers toxic oil conversion into clean reusable oil without producing toxic emissions or pollution. The second participant is Carbon-Cycle that helps facilities maximize the output while reducing all toxic emissions. Ecobuilt specializes in vertical aquaponic and greenhouse technology. The fourth business part of the EarthCycle system is medical treatment facility – Chrysalis – that treat a wide array of disorders using Harvard research backed proprietary technology along with stem cell therapy, scalar and plasma technology. New projects can be submitted by user on the platform and be voted by token holders. Once a project collects enough votes it is submitted by approval by holders of Earth Power – a unit that is gained by exchanging EarthCycle Coin for it and that gives holders more voting weight.

Price In Ico 1 ECE = 0.80 USD
Token: ECE
Country: Zimbabwe
Accepting: ETH,BTC
  • Pre-sale > 10 000 ECE: 10%


  • Pre ICO Start: 01.07.2018
    Pre ICO End: 31.07.2018
  • ICO Start: 01.09.2018
    ICO End: 01.02.2019
  • Soft Cap: 12 000 000 USD
    Hard Cap: 500 000 000 USD