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Total Raised: Unavailable
1 ASO = 0.0001 ETH
32 768 ETH
Finished in: 160 days

ACESO is providing a solution for detection and removal of malicious software by connecting users directly to malware researchers and analysts. When a computer is attacked ACESO performs a scan and checks whether a custom solution is necessary. If this is the case the collected information is stripped of any personal data and then sent to the analyst. Users pay only for fixing the specific problem and are not required to purchase a software. The payment is split between the researcher for submitting malware samples, the malware analyst for providing the solution and ACESO. The platform acts as a mediator all parties involved. Researchers can submit new general information via software, extend general information block, specifying more detail and can sets a price for this general information within limits. The analysts confirm general information contents and distinguish general information for which they are rewarded. Users can add or find requests for new general information block on the platform’s market.

Price In Ico 1 ASO = 0.0001 ETH
Token: ASO
Country: Lithuania
Accepting: ETH,BTC
  • Pre-sale price: 1 ETH = 14 000 ASO
  • Pre ICO Start: 28.08.2018
    Pre ICO End: 27.09.2018
  • ICO Start: 28.09.2018
    ICO End: 15.12.2018
  • Soft Cap: 2 048 ETH
    Hard Cap: 32 768 ETH