Top 10 Countries That Have Friendly Attitude Towards Bitcoin

Implementing and fully adopting the cryptocurrency is not an easy process. It requires open mind from the authorities, the people and the environment.

by Viko
01 December • 3.5 min
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The tech-loving Baltic nation has a lot to offer to the crypto world. Not only the people are interested in developing and adopting this technology, but also the government supports these efforts.

Even healthcare is supported by Blockchain technology. Bitcoin selling ATMs are spread across the country, the homeland of the developers of the Skype software. The nation hosts also startups such as a Paxful – a service for peer to peer buying and selling of Bitcoins.


Unsurprisingly, the United States appears on this list. The nation has the highest number of cryptocurrency traders. The direction of the whole industry depends on the moods and trends in the worlds’ biggest powerhouse.


Denmark is one of the most forward-looking countries in terms of digital banking. The country’s central bank has announced plans to issue its own Blockchain-based digital currency, called e-krone, as its reserve currency.

Denmark is home to many crypto startups and exchanges.


Another Nordic country with taste for digital money. Like Denmark, Sweden has also been implementing the cryptocurrency in everyday life. The fast growing industry and authorities have agreed that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are a legal method of payment in the country.


Yet another Nordic country, that is keen on cryptocurrency. Bitcoin has been officially declared as a financial service by the Finnish Central Board of Taxes. Interesting to mention is that the most expensive bitcoin sale involved the purchase of Tesla Model S car, worth just over EUR 140 000.

South Korea

The Asian tiger is quickly adopting Bitcoin in terms of state currency. Bitcoins can be bought even in the Seven Eleven supermarket chain through a service provided by the nation’s first Bitcoin exchange platform Coinplug.

The Netherlands

Dutch people are famous for adopting and popularizing uncommon things and Bitcoin is no exception. The country has its own ‘Bitcoin city’ – Arnhem. In this town, you can use Bitcoin to buy everything you can imagine – from gas to paying your rent or even paying your dental bills.


Cryptocurrency enthusiasts have dubbed Toronto and Vancouver ‘Bitcoin hubs’. The digital currency is regulated by the nation’s anti-laundering and counter-terrorism laws. Bitcoin ATMs are accessible in every major city.

United Kingdom

The country is often seen as a centre of innovation and financial hub, in which cryptocurrencies are thriving. You can even grab a pint of beer, using cryptocurrency. The official statement even recognizes Bitcoin “as part of the future and revolutionizing finances at all”.


The hostile policy against Bitcoin is common, but recently the moods have changed. Double taxation on cryptocurrencies has been removed. This sets up good environment for the cryptocurrencies and their development in the future.