The ICO’s final round raises USD 4 million in 81 minutes

UK-based Energi Mine has raised USD 4 million during the final leg of its ICO on 1 February

by Marina Ovcharova
02 February • 2 min
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UK-based Energi Mine said it has raised USD 4 million during the final leg of its initial coin offering (ICO) on 1 February. Together with the pre-sale round a few days earlier the company collected a total of USD 15 million. The final round’s USD 4 million were gathered in just under an hour and a half.

Investors from all over the world

Energi Mine’s founder and CEO Omar Rahim states that the team has been astonished by the number and the multicultural diversity of investors that have been inspired by the idea. He believes that the global energy market has much to gain by the blockchain technology. Participants from more than 30 countries including larger crypto funds, as well as supporters of the idea, are reported to have taken part in the ICO.

Save energy and get rewarded

The UK company will use its ETK tokens to reward users for consuming less energy. The project aims to encourage energy-saving and draw attention to environmental issues.

The project, according to Rahim, has been developed together with a number of meetings and discussions with authorities, the business and the general public.

Big plans

Energi Mine is focused on the energy sector and specializes on AI solutions and blockchain technology. The company's portfolio includes over 1000 sites and the management of over USD 140 million worth of energy, owned by its clients.

After the successful ICO, the company states that in the coming weeks new global partnerships will be announced. At the same time, the team is running for the first time in Great Britain a project on cryptocurrency payment system for Electric Vehicle (EV) charging points.