Son of a Hip-Hop Legend to Launch Own Coin

Young Dirty Bastard, son of renowned Ol’ Dirty Bastard from the Wu-Tang Clan, plans to fund his new album through cryptocurrency.

by Viko
07 March • 1 min
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Bar-Sun Unique Jones, the son of legendary rapper Ol’ Dirty Bastard, or ODB, who died in 2004, said on Tuesday he is entering the crypto world by preparing an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) that will be launched later this year.

In an interview for Yahoo Finance, the rapper better known by his stage name Young Dirty Bastard said Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s estate will use the proceeds from the ICO to fund a new album he is preparing. At a later stage, the tokens that will be issued through the ICO, to be named Dirty Coin with a symbol ODB, are envisaged to be used as a payment method for concerts, music and merchandise.

Young Dirty Bastard BW portrait

“Crypto is very big. The blockchain is one of the biggest inventions of our time. And I don’t want to be out of the party, I want to come into the party,” the rapper explained.

Young Dirty, whose project is done in collaboration with Link Media Partner, also claimed that it is essential to “ride the boat when Noah is boarding”, or in other words to embrace the digital future of money, which nowadays is seriously doubted by some and welcomed by others.

US regulatory authorities have been investigating the recent explosion of new ICOs for scamming schemes and possible violations of the country’s securities laws.