Qtum Resolves Crypto Problems

The cryptocurrency Qtum may have all the answers

by Marina Ovcharova
10 February • 2 min
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Just before the market's latest downfall, Qtum had raised its value by 20,000% and there is no wonder. This platform seems to have found the solutions for many of the Blockchain technology's problems and in addition has prepared for a future that seems more and more likely. In other words, it is perfectly balanced on all of today's important themes, writes Trudex analyst Nicholas Kith.

Qtum finds the golden mean

Currently, two major platforms have two major problems. Ethereum, in spite of its smart contracts-designed flexibility, hasn't been able to ensure stable security levels. On the other end stands Bitcoin, being one of the most secure, but less bendable Blockchain projects that has in addition scalability issues.

Qtum successfully combines the two's strongest sides and ignores the weaknesses. It links Ethereum's flexibility to Bitcoin's close to perfection safety. Using Qtum’s platform, one can create applications that allow a wide range of operations, including secured financial ones. This way, the platform becomes a suitable solution for designing products, appropriate for corporate use, implementing the Blockchain technology.

Moreover, Qtum seems to have found solution to Ethereum's major scalability problem, that has been occupying attention for some time now without any visions how to be resolved. Qtum uses decentralized governance protocol that, adjusted as needed, ensures flexible changes in scale as required.

Qtum has a vision about the future

Qtum's potential seems to be extending successfully in the mobile area, too. Qtum uses UTXO approach to Blockchain that allows the application to run smooth on mobile devices. The technology also leaves the option for deployment that creates products based on it, which are able to perform well on IoT devices.

The team's reach doesn't stop to current technology. They have partnered with Spacechain, an innovative project that aims sending the Blockchain data storages in space, leaving them out of governments' reach and away of regulations.