New Mining Malware Attacks Software for Blind People in UK

Hackers have reached a new low, stealing computing power from people suffering from reduced sight or completely blind

by Viko
12 February • 1.5 min
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A cryptomining script that attacks a plugin called BrowseAloud, which helps people with seeing issues to access online content, has spread throughout the UK, the Guardian warns. The malware is used to illegally mine Monero.

Even the site of the UK government has been affected, among other 5000 online addresses, the report says. Cryptojackers have accessed also the websites of the UK’s National Health Service (NHS), Student Loans Company and local authorities’ sites.

There is no place for panic, according to the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). Specialists have already launched an investigation regarding the incidents and “the affected service has been taken offline”.

According to the regulator, members of the public are not exposed to any kind of risk to this date and government sites continue to work securely.

Last month, it came out that thousands of Android devices throughout the world were used for illegal Monero mining. Hackers used Youtube for cryptojacking through the Doubleclick advertising platform.

In 2017, the NHS became victim of another impudent attack – hackers then requested the enormous sum of USD 300 million in Bitcoin to unlock computers with valuable information.