New Malware is Mining for Monero

Chinese network security research company 360Netlab has found new malware that targets unsuspecting users to use their computing power for mining Monero.

by Viko
07 February • 2 min
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In a blog post from 6 February, 360Netlab said it has found a worm that affects vulnerable Android devices. The ADB.Miner malware can penetrate any device running on the platform, and it will be forced to mine XMR coins.

According to the site’s internal information source, this software “has been on the loose” from 5 February and has affected at least 7000 devices, mainly in China and South Korea.

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The spreading speed of the worm has been extremely fast, and the number of “infected” devices has been doubling every 12 hours via publicly accessible Android Debug Bridge.

Last week, the crypto world saw another malware, called Smorinru, that had managed to mine 9000 Monero coins since May 2017.

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It seems that the XMR token is preferred for illegal mining. Another attack came on January 26, when through a Youtube ad large number of PCs were affected.

Meanwhile, UNICEF is launching an interesting campaign, which targets gamers to use their computing power for mining Еthereum coins (ETH), which will be donated for the children suffering in Syria’s ongoing civil war.