Lisk is One of 2018's Most Promising Cryptocoins

Lisk attracts investors' attention

by Marina Ovcharova
10 February • 2 min
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Lisk (LSK) is an altcoin that may deserve a closer look in 2018. It has remained relatively stable during the post-Christmas market crash and has also announced a rebranding, scheduled for 20 February. In addition, it is expected that the Lisk team will also announce a new strategic direction for the coin’s future development. Right now, Lisk seems to have good fundamentals and value, and a potential also.

Lisk avoids Ethereum’s scalability issues

It seems like Lisk has found a way around the scalability issues of the well-known Ethereum platform. It enables users to deploy their own Blockchains, based on the fairly accessible and common-used programming language JavaScript. This opens Lisk's way to a major market share of users' applications. The more developers turn to the platform, the bigger the chances are that its price will rise.

Lisk gains investors' interest

In the crypto market, a good tool for spotting a potential investment is to watch closely its trading volumes. If they keep high levels, it is quite possible that investors are interested in the coin and this indicates some fair chances for a successful investment.
Lisk maintains stable levels of trade that have been rising ever since its launching. Its price has been growing too - from about USD 1 in July 2017 to USD 20 in December 2017.

Actually, Lisk's current price of USD 22 is one to which the currency collapsed after a peak of USD 39. In the crypto market, the ups and downs are dramatic but also expected. The coin's current price's low state may attract some value-investors, who would stock up Lisk tokens and wait for better market days.