John McAfee Creates Crypto-Backed Note Redeemable for Meeting with him

John McAfee is releasing the McAfee Note - a fiat currency collectible note backed by a cryptocurrency that can be redeemed for a personal meeting with him following a complicated procedure.

by Nina Dimitrova
30 May • 2.5 mins
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John McAffe, the somewhat eccentric serial entrepreneur known to the wide public for the McAfee antivirus software, mistified on Tuesday the cryptocurrency world with a cryptic (pun intended) tweet about McAfee Coin “based on a radical new concept: Fiat currencies (collectible) backed by crypto”. However, it turned out the McAfee Coin is not what most thought it was going to be.

In a message for Crypto-News India, McAffe explained that the McAfee crypto-backed fiat coin will be a collectors item promissory note registered on the blockchain as proof-of-authenticity. The McAfee note can be redeemed for real services, namely a private meeting with McAfee at a location in Mexico.

The McAfee notes will have different denominations of “McAfee Redemption Units” and each unit will equal one minute of John McAfee’s time. An individual is limited to a maximum of 100 units.

According to McAfee’s explanations for Crypto-News India, to redeem a note, the holder must show up in person at an address in Mexico, only between the hours of one and three (it does not become clear whether in the morning or in the afternoon). There the holder will turn in their note and will receive a date, time and location for the meeting with John McAfee. The meeting place may be at any part of the world.

mcafee notes

As per a following tweet, the notes will be “printed on currency paper, holographs on both sides, serialized, linked to the blockchain, redeemable, convertible, collectible”. In reply to a follower questions, McAfee said it might also be available on toilet paper.

The notes will have unique serial numbers and will be tied to the cryptocurrency coins called McAfee Redemption Units (MRUs). The coins will come in a collectible document – a paper wallet. In addition to redeeming the notes and meeting John McAfee himself, they can be cashed in for MRUs and deposited to the holder’s cryptocurrency wallet, for a fee.

So far, 341 000 notes of various denominations have been printed, with a total of 6 050 000 redemption units. Each MRU unit currently has a face value of USD 9.95. In other words, you have to pay close to USD 10 for one minute with John McAfee. The McAfee notes will be released on June 25, according to McAfee.

One might dismiss this whole hoopla as the latest of McAfee eccentricities or publicity stunts, or consider it a revolutionary promotional campaign for the launching of a new cryptocurrency.