Japanese Blockchain Platform to Sell Anime for Charity

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts will be able to buy and sell anime artworks on a blockchain platform.

by Kalina Tekelieva
11 April • 2 min
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CryptoAnime, a blockchain-powered marketplace for Japanese anime, was launched on April 3 aiming to donate its revenues to the disaster-struck Tohoku region.

The platform, operated by the entertainment studio BlockPunk, is built on Ethereum’s blockchain. Anime fans will be able to trade digital artworks inspired by the popular Zunda Horizon anime with Ethereum (ETH). Each digital collectible will be framed in a virtual card with a description of the features of the character on it.

The collaboration between CryptoAnime and the team behind Zunda Horizon enables creators to offer and sell their artworks directly to anime fans without the constraints of complex retail procedures. BlockPunk CEO Julian Lai-Hung said the studio’s mission is to “bring the benefits of decentralization to the anime industry and filmmakers everywhere”.

With a good cause

All revenues from these decentralized art sales will be donated for the Tohoku region in northeastern Japan, which was severely struck by an earthquake and a series of tsunami waves in March 2011.


The 30-minute Zunda Horizon anime itself has a charity touch. It was created in the year when the disasters hit Japan and allows companies in Tohoku to use license-free images of the main character Tohoku Zunko. Thus, the latest technologies are promoted.

Ownership in the digital space

Anime is an animation style very popular in Japanese films. At the same time, ownership in the digital environment is a problematic issue, as users are usually reluctant to pay for a film in a digital format, Lai-Hung told Medium. Looking to neutralize this tendency, the studio developed the CryptoAnime collection.


“With blockchain technology, we are seeing the signs of a new era of digital ownership based on immutable proof of provenance and proof of ownership,” Lai-Hung said. He explained that CryptoAnime can create a permanent and unhackable record of who has created an item and who currently owns it.