Grayscale Sees Enormous Potential in Zcash

One of the key asset managers in Bitcoin predicts that the new absolute fortune maker in the crypto world will be Zcash.

by Viko
31 January • 2.5 min
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The privacy-focused digital money Zcash, which is currently traded at just under $400, could hit the astronomical price of over $60 000 in 2025, Matthew Beck, cryptocurrency expert and associate at asset manager Grayscale Investments, predicts.

Grayscale, part of renowned cryptocurrency-focused venture capital firm Digital Currency Group, has recently added the Zcash token to its portfolio of offerings, which includes also Bitcoin and Ethereum Classic.

Beck’s hypothesis comes with a big “if”. These figures will become reality if Zcash comes to represent 10% of all offshore wealth by that time. The smaller the liquidity, the lower the price, he foresees.

The specialists in Grayscale point out three major reasons why Zcash could become the next hit.


  1. Similarities to Bitcoin

       The main advantage of Zcash is that is pretty similar to Bitcoin. The altcoin follows the successful economic model and has limited supply, which should make it more valuable in the future. Zcash trades at $350 per unit as of 2 February 2018 and has a market capitalization $1.1 billion.

  1. Pioneering privacy settings

“Zk-SNARKs” – that’s the name of the innovative privacy technology Zcash uses. What makes it unique is that everyone can verify a transaction as legitimate, even on encrypted parts of the blockchain. Grayscale analysts go even further, calling Zcash “a Swiss bank account in your pocket”, but accessible to a wider range less wealthy people.

  1. Other promising aspects that suggest that Zcash may transform in a global trading tool include its fungibility, the company’s partnership with J.P. Morgan Chase and the high level of professional expertise behind the token, according to Grayscale.