Emercoin Makes Blockchain Technologies Accessible

Emercoin project aims to involve non-techs

by Marina Ovcharova
09 February • 2 min
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Blockchain technologies are growing more and more popular worldwide but are not easy to be grasped by the non-tech part of the population. The Emercoin project aims to reach out the everyday life, involving specialists from more fields and thus showing that using blockchain is not only a developers' matter. The idea is the technology to be opened for use by the general public and gain interest this way. If successful, Emercoin (EMC) may become an investment to be considered, writes Trudex researcher Nicholas Kith.

Emercoin turns to a wide range of users

Most of the people that are not developers, nowadays can only reach blockchain and cryptocurrencies in order to speculate on the market. With the solution that Emercoin is offering this is about to change. The platform which tries to translate blockchain into an understandable and usable tool, has already partnered with Microsoft’s Azuri and this may be a sign of something new and exciting.

Emercoin’s approach is known as blockchain as a service and empowers users, who are not specialists, to get the services they need. All they have to do is to use the Emercoin platform and place an order, corresponding to their needs. This way they can buy blockchain-based products, designed according to their wishes. The process will be supported through Azuri and will be cloud-based.

Emercoin may resolve major problems

One of the more discussed and serious issues nowadays is the internet privacy. It is near to impossible for an artist to protect their work – whether writing, video or music content. The Emercoin platform can resolve this problem. It is convenient enough for the authors to protect their projects by joining the platform. The content, secured by the Blockchain technology, cannot be used without the owner’s permission.

This principle can be applied to a number of cases, not only in arts. The blockchain technology can also provide a proof-of-ownership for items like smartphones and vehicles.

Emercoin could revolutionize internet security

With security risks higher more than ever, Emercoin may just have the answer. After the latest massive attacks the general public have understood the danger that may be threatening them while browsing. The technology may provide blockchain-based authentication. This feature may come with online protection that doesn’t require passwords, designed to the user's needs. All this will be accessible to be ordered through the Emercoin platform.