Ecomi Teams Up with Tokidoki to Launch Illustrated Characters as Digital Collectibles

Pop-culture brand Tokidoki wants to use blockchain technology to reach collectors of its iconic illustrated characters

by Hristo Gueorguiev
22 May • 2 min
In Coins

Singapore-based blockchain technology company Ecomi has received a license from character lifestyle brand tokidoki to sell its cute illustrated images on the Ecomi Collect app, the tech company said in a statement on Monday.

“We chose tokidoki as our first brand partner because of their ambition to expand into the digital realm when it comes to collectible items,” Ecomi CEO David Yu said.

Ecomi plans to launch by the end of the year its blockchain app, which will enable collectors to browse, purchase and trade their favorite digital characters. The Ethereum based app will also have an “augmented reality” feature that brings those characters to life. Users will pay with Ecomi’s OMI tokens.


Ecomi ICO

Ecomi is financing the project through an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) running until the end of September.

The company currently works on four products within the ecosystem of its app - Secure Wallet which will keep valuable digital collectibles away from cyber criminals, Ecomi One – an offline wallet that will function as a credit card as well, Ecomi Collect – digital asset for storage and management of ‘non-fungible’ token collectables and Ecomi Vault – a decentralized storage platform for identity information, passwords and intellectual property.



Meaning ‘sometimes‘ in Japanese, the brand is based on the ideas of Italian artist Simone Legno. Tokidoki has partnered with brands like Sephora, Marvel Comics, Hello Kitty, LeSportsac and fashion guru Karl Lagerfeld that use its images on a wide range of lifestyle items including clothing, furniture, bags, cosmetics and toys.

“We feel the tokidoki characters can be applied to all products and are especially excited that we will be one of the first licensees in the digital collectables space,” Legno said.