Cryptocurrencies Near Mass Adoption

Cryptocurrencies are the new craze, and some specialists predict, that they will soon be ready for the mass market.

by Viko
25 October • 2 min
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The new payment method has seen a massive boom last year, casting doubts among the conservative market players that this is a bubble, preparing to burst.

However, there are no signs that this is going to happen in the near future. On the contrary, it is becoming more likely that cryptocurrencies are on the brink of mass adoption, writes Melissa Thompson, founder of HarcourtHealth, on She backs up her forecast with four distinctive trends.

Steady Market Growth

Data, provided by Google, shows that the term “Bitcoin” has reached a peak in terms of search traffic. The levels have almost tripled since the beginning of last year. The market capitalization of Bitcoin has reached over $100 billion. Interestingly, Bitcoin is worth twice as much as Uber and whopping four times more than American Airlines.

Close to the Consumers

There has been a large amount of new Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), whose goal is the launch of new cryptocurrencies. They’ve become much more user-friendly than before.

One of the newest and most promising ICOs is the “Game protocol”. It’s a platform for game developers on the blockchain, which is gaining popularity fast. It allows them to distribute their work while raising funds to support their projects.

Another interesting ICO is the Divi project, whose main goal is to make the cryptocurrency more appealing to women, who according to recent data account for only between 5% and 7% of all users.

Keeping the Public Informed

The key to becoming a mass marketing tool is raising the awareness of the general public about the cryptocurrencies and their potential. Therefore the flow of information is essential in educating people about the possibilities, which the crypto world could provide.

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Inclusive Growth

One of the key marks of the success of cryptocurrencies is the overall growth of the market. For example, when the leader Bitcoin gained $2000 in value only in October last year, reaching 6 000 per coin, many other currencies followed suit, but not with the same tempo. Analyses and forecasts are still hard to make on the crypto market, but investors learn more and more learn how the cryptocurrencies work. The growing industry is a good foundation for the cryptocurrencies’ future mass adoption.