Cardano To Explore Blockchain for Agriculture in Ethiopia

The crypto company will train up to 100 local developers in blockchain use.

by Marin Marinov
04 May • 3 min
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Crypto company Cardano has signed a memorandum with Ethiopia`s government for exploring possible applications of blockchain in the African country’s agricultural sector, Charles Hoskinson, chief executive officer (CEO) of Cardano`s parent company, IOHK, said on Thursday.

Cardano will also educate between 30 and 100 Ethiopian developers how to use the technology behind cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

 This year we will offer our first course in Africa, probably in Ethiopia, and expect the first cohort of Ethiopian developers to be contributing to Cardano code by the end of the year,” John O`Connor, director for Africa operations at Cardano explained as quoted by Ethiopia`s Ministry of Science and Technology.

Neither the company, nor the government have revealed any date for beginning of the partnership as the memorandum is a document of intention and has no obligatory clauses.

Blockchain in Ethiopia

Ethiopia, with population of more than 100 million, has a major problem with poverty. Annual per capita income is USD 170 and “around 12 million people suffer from chronic or transitory or acute malnutrition”, the United Nations estimates. Some 33% of the families live in “extreme poverty”, according to the World Bank. 

One of the big challenges is the lack of data about agricultural land like unclear ownership structure and inconclusive cadaster records. The UN estimates that 12 million small farmers generate 95% of Ethiopia’s agricultural production and 85% of the employment in the sector . These farms are mainly family-owned and do not have enough resources for investments or for settling ownership issues.

Cardano`s blockchain

Cardano  aims to use blockchain as a solution for Africa`s agricultural challenges.

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“A digital blockchain property register that identified land using GPS coordinates would allow property ownership to be verified and transferred at a low cost,” O`Connor wrote on the company`s blog.

Blockchain can be used to resolve the ownership disputes between members of big families since it is developed as a Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) it tracks all changes without the possibility of amendments.

Cardano is a decentralized blockchain ecosystem like Ethereum blockchain. The company enables automatic smart contract that eliminates third parties and cutting the cost of money transactions or other activities (e.g. registering of ownership documents).

The founders of Cardano`s parent company, IOHK, Charles Hoskinson and Jeremy Wood, were part of Ethereum (ETH). Now they work on Cardano`s own cryptocurrency, ADA, and on Ethereum Classic (ETC).