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Index: LIIX
Volume(24h): $1,564,744.04
Market Cap: $655,439,739.68

Latest Hight: 1,929.55

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Index with Top Coins & Tokens in Legal & Identity Industry

Blockchain is a system that deals with substantial amounts of data, chiefly private. In order to protect personal information as well as to provide network security, matters such as the legal aspects, privacy and policy, identity and reputation have to be addressed. The legal and identity industry is further comprised of areas such as governance and content management. The latest two are the foundation of establishing policies and procedures and respectively the monitoring of their appropriate implementation. They include various mechanisms of balancing the power of every member in order for a particular organization, including those in the Blockchain industry, to function properly.


Top 5 assets listed on CrypoCoin index may vary in accordance with their market capitalization level within a certain timeframe. Factors such as the total supply of the cryptocurrency and the current amount of coins operating in the economy have the power to amend the indexation.

Index Value = Σ Pi * Qi

CryptoCoin examines the net worth of every cryptocoin and based on that performs monthly changes in the indexation.

  Index value t-1 = Index value t