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Financial Services

Index: FSIX
Volume(24h): $3,369,256,366.24
Market Cap: $39,565,675,529.52

Latest Hight: 1,523.83

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Index with Top Coins & Tokens in Financial Services Industry

Financial services are closely related to the management of money, digital and fiat, that occurs through various financial transactions and other related activities. The sector includes commercial and investment banks, insurers, various types of funds (ETFs, private equity funds, etc.) and markets (stock exchanges, currency exchanges, etc.), payment service providers, and others.

Besides enabling the exchange of goods and services, the financial sector aims at allocating capital funds by transforming and spreading risk and mobilizing savings through digitalization. Such management of money plays a vital role in the economy due to the global payment flow occurring every second and the allocation of money to the trading and investment fields.


Financial Services Index Formation & Formula

Financial Services Index category is represented by the Top 5 performing cryptocurrencies that have the highest net worth at the present moment. Coins.Online assesses the performance of the top digital assets and relates their monthly performance based on the total number of circulating coins per cryptocurrency. Amendments may also occur due to the collapse of a certain coin or the introduction of a crypto fork.

The cryptocoin index is calculated based upon the market capitalization of each currency (Pi) and their respective supply (Qi), compared against the number of circulating in the economy coins (Divisor).

Index Value = Σ Pi * Qi

Moreover, the divisor is subjected to changes in case of a change in the total supply of a cryptocoin. This is done in order to reflect actual market movements and performance.

  Index value t-1 = Index value t