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Index: DHIX
Volume(24h): $88,817,178.10
Market Cap: $368,346,868.02

Latest Hight: 1,553.69

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Index with Top Coins & Tokens in Hardware & Data Industry

In computer science, data is a set of characters that are collected and translated in order to be used for a specific purpose. Such information is preserved in computer storage, or hardware, in the form of numbers or bytes, that can be displayed through logical operations thanks to the CPU power. Mining operations occur within the Blockchain network and support the overall stability of the system. The process includes verifying transactions and respectively adding them to the public ledger. This compiles information by solving computationally tough puzzles. The first user to solve the puzzle is allowed to claim the reward in the form of virtual coins.

Data storage, hardware and mining are essential elements to the efficient functionality of the entire Blockchain network that provide stability in terms of networking and storage of records.


The indexation of CryptoCoin is computed by acknowledging the price per single coin unit and its respective total market supply, and taken against the number of currently being circulated in the market cryptocoins.

Index Value = Σ Pi * Qi

Aspects such as the recent market capitalization and trading volume have direct influence on the cryptocurrency liquidity. To configure the Top 5 cryptos in the data and hardware industry with the most accuracy, a monthly adjustment of the indexation is being displayed.

  Index value t-1 = Index value t