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Index: COIX
Volume(24h): $4,104,852.05
Market Cap: $213,657,804.99

Latest Hight: 1,860.59

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Basic Attention Token logo   Basic Attention Token
Particl logo   Particl
Time New Bank logo   Time New Bank
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Index with Top Coins & Tokens in Commerce Industry

The commerce places its focus on the distribution of goods and services in any industry on an international scale. It may include social relations of exchanging views, manners, etc. and to even be distributed on a larger scale.

Commerce includes systems operating in any country such as advertisement, real estate, commodities, transport, travel & tourism, and recruitment. The legal, economical, social, political and technological aspects of the structure are closely related to commerce.


The CryptoCoin Index Top 5 is estimated based on the value of a single unit multiplied by the total supply currently in the economy, all that compared to the amount of circulating crypto coins.

Index Value = Σ Pi * Qi

Values of the reflected market state and activity are reviewed once a month to make the needed adjustments. The net worth of each cryptocurrency is calculated the following way based on the fluctuations of the coins’ supply.

  Index value t-1 = Index value t