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Index: BIIX
Volume(24h): $3,174,253,764.42
Market Cap: $78,590,445,969.79

Latest Hight: 1,273.26

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Index with Top Coins & Tokens in Blockchain Infrastructure

Blockchain is a technology that lies upon the fundamentals of cryptography - a science founded upon the construction and analyses of secure protocols that prevent any third party or the public to have access to private data messages. Contemporary cryptology is easily replicated on mathematics, computer science and engineering, etc.

Such incorruptible technology may be the foundation for building tailor-made applications to solve diverse matters. Blockchain infrastructure allows issues related to the healthcare sector, sports, education, financial services and more to be addressed accordingly with technology specifically designed to improve them.

To assure the most accurate data when speaking about Top 5 within the Blockchain Infrastructure industry, Coins.Online calculates the net worth of each coin, which reflects also its liquidity. Based on this, the performance of all major digital assets is evaluated on a monthly basis, so volatile aspects such as the total current circulation amount can be taken into account.

Each of those indices is formed from the Top 5 cryptocurrencies in its category, ranked by market capitalization. The indices’ values are calculated using the following formula:

Index Value = Σ Pi * Qi

Pi represents the value of a single unit of the underlying cryptocurrency digital asset in USD and Qi designates the amount of coins supplied of the particular cryptocurrency. The Divisor is adjusted whenever the number of coins increases or other structural changes occur, so as to ensure the numerical value of each Index reflects actual market activity and performance.

  Index value t-1 = Index value t