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Volume(24h): $14,919,384
Market Cap: $2,084,726,605
Stellar is a decentralized peer-to-peer cryptocurrency. Founded in San Francisco in July 2014 by Jed McCaleb and Joyce Kim as a for-profit project, Stellar aims to provide a platform for free and instant global transactions through a distributed network of servers that run its software protocol. Stellar was initially based on Ripple's protocol, but in 2016 an updated version of the protocol with a new algorithm was implemented. The currency circulating inside Stellar's Network is called Lumen. It is a non-minable coin with a total supply of about 100 billion tokens, with nearly 18% currently circulating.

Minable: No

Coin Prefix: XLM

Type: Coin

Latest Hight: $0.46

Stellar Markets

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Stellar - trustworthy transactions at low price

  • Launched: 2014
  • Founders: Jed McCaleb, Joyce Kim

Lumen (XLM) is the currency of the decentralized, hybrid blockchain payments platform Stellar. Among the most reliable and fast developing platforms on the market, Stellar provides a network for cross-border, cross-asset transactions of value, as well as payments and an open-source marketplace. The system charges a negligible fee for service, which is 100 stroops, or 0.00001 XLM, per transaction.

The Stellar platform utilizes the latest technology in security and as a non-profit project stimulates users and businesses to seek revenue throughout the cryptocurrency market and in network process participation. With a total supply of over 100 billion XLM, only 18% of which in circulation, it is yet to reveal its full market potential. The remaining supply could probably lower the XLM price, depending on how it is put into circulation. Analysts predict a 170% investment revenue in a five-year horizon. 

The Lumen is basically a 2014 Ripple fork. Since then, the platform has expanded as a beacon in digital payments via decentralized Blockchain network system. It utilizes a unique Stellar Consensus Protocol for the project’s vision of a non-profit, reliable entity for fast and secure asset transactions, payments and exchanges. The Stellar network is focused on global, cross-border payments, microtransaction services and currency exchange. It is partnering with an increasing number of businesses and industries (IBM, for example), underpinning its market potential and role as a trustworthy service.

XLM looks like a decent long-term investment

A prognosis for the overall development of XLM market price and its investment potential is tricky due to the fact that the vast majority of coins aren’t circulating in supply. This could exert some pressure on the XLM price in the future, but could also unlock the potential for early investment in a perspective cryptocurrency. A further growth of the Stellar platform will support the demand for Lumens. Crypto market analysts are rooting for the potential profitability of an early XLM investment with investment horizons of more than five years. In short-term aspect, however, trends are suggesting a balanced up and down movement of the coin’s price within the range of USD 0.42-0.50 per Lumen.

As the crypto economy is increasingly revealing the potential and the applications of the Blockchain technology, XLM is a coin to observe, as it anchors itself at the heart of Blockchain-based decentralized digital payments and the digital-transaction economy.