Price: $0.02848491
Volume(24h): $6,978
Market Cap: $1,423,842
The solar electricity cryptocurrency. It is an unique blockchain technology based platform that has few distinctive features. It is designed to be live for about 40 years or an equivalent of almost 100,00 TWh of solar energy. Furthermore it utilizes two proof-of-work consensus protocols. As one is for the crypto holders, miners and users, the other is a meter that verifies third-party participation in the system, representing 1MWh each. The platform rewards production of solar energy for both conventional and digital users. SolarCoin later utilizes the Proof-of-Stake for energy efficiency and as a platform provides a secure blockchain network for solar enery distribution and solutions.


Minable: No

Coin Prefix: SLR

Type: Coin


Latest Hight: $0.74

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