Price: $1.00526
+ 4.01%
Volume(24h): $144,393
Market Cap: $12,063,174
Skycoin (SKY) is the cryptocurrency of the decentralized Skywire ecosystem that claims to be “the most advanced blockchain application platform in the world”. SKY is supposed to be the foundation for a new decentralized internet and promises a platform that is completely secure, infinitely scalable, and ISP independent. Some claim SKY is a scam, but this is yet to be proved or disproved. There is a total supply of 25 million SKY, with nearly 9 million already in circulation. SKY can be traded on Cryptopia, C2CX, and others.


Minable: No

Coin Prefix: SKY

Type: Coin


Latest Hight: $36.38

Skycoin Markets

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