Price: $446.14
+ 1.61%
Volume(24h): $665,780
Market Cap: $327,249,597
Maker is a decentralized and sophisticated blockchain platform engineered on top of the Ethereum network, aiming to reduce volatility in the cryptocurrency market. MKR is an ERC20 token that works alongside the Dai coin. MKR gives its holders access to the Maker platform and pays interest. Dai is a price stable coin, with one Dai equal to one US dollar. MKR holders are the "makers" of the platform as they get to decide how the system is run. The Maker platform keeps Dai at USD 1 using a system of collateral and price feeds. MakerDAO is a Denmark-based project founded in 2014 by Rune Christensen. Through the initial coin release, Maker raised nearly USD 18 million. The optimal possible amount of tokens is 100 million as nearly two thirds of them are in circulation.

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Legal & Identity

Minable: No

Coin Prefix: MKR

Type: Token


Latest Hight: $2,027.17

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