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Volume(24h): $1,110,933
Market Cap: $108,273,289
ICON is a decentralized blockchain project that aims to create a large network of communities, enterprises, and institutions on a distributed public ledger. The goal is to have any given real world entity on a blockchain available for communication and exchanging of valuable information. ICX is a non-minable ERC20 token based on the Ethereum technology. Started in 2017, ICON Foundation is located in Zug, Switzerland, but the development takes place in South Korea. Founded by Kin Min, ICON was distributed through an ICO that raised over USD 42 million. Total ICX supply is 400 000 tokens with nearly all of them circulating.

Minable: No

Coin Prefix: ICX

Type: Token


Latest Hight: $4.90

ICON Markets

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ICON wants to hyperconnect the world 

ICON is a Blockchain network connecting multiple other independent Blockchains. The network, called ICON Republic, aims to become a platform that connects businesses from various industries all over the world.

ICON Republic has its own decentralized exchange (DEX). The ICX coin applies a “Reserve”, based on the Bancor formula*. This allows the ICX to power real-time transactions and communication between different Blockchains as it can mathematically predict exchange rates due to the Bancor formula method. ICX provides a secure, private and anonymous payment method for all the Blockchain related services, demands and transactions, connected into the ICON network. Furthermore, algorithm makes it possible to exchange different cryptocurrencies on the Blockchain platform, thus increasing the reliability and the omni-useful profile of ICX.

At its core, the ICX is a smart contract protocol with a loopchain-based system model. Also, it applies specific rights for users, granting no sharing of profits or revenue, no exclusive rights and a unique method of limited licensing for both the platform and the currency powering the system - ICX.

The market potential of ICX is locked in its interoperability, which supports its value as a payment tool that connects seamlessly computing network systems within the Blockchain technology without attempting to change or interrupt their individual coding. ICX future price development will depend on both on market trends and on the coin usage by the community. Increasing connectivity and new options for multi-chain transactions could boost ICX price.


ICX vision - a global payment tool

A key advantage of ICX is that it allows users to pay and manage assets directly and anonymously throughout multiple Blockchain systems. It interacts with a multitude of businesses, agriculture, academics, industries, government facilities and different developers, users. With a steady increase rate, ICX is paving its way towards the Top 10 cryptocurrencies, as the Blockchain technology expands its reach to service businesses worldwide.


ICX’s place in the crypto future

ICX deems to accomplish a revolutionary vision in the Blockchain economy. There are near none other cryptocurrencies, that take this long and insecure journey. But the great struggle, sometimes grants a great reward. ICX takes a giant step towards a more decentralized and omni-connected future, where Blockchain technology and multi-chain interaction will benefit businesses and users. The cryptocurrency market charts advocate the practical economy effects of the abovementioned. With a total supply of around 400 million coins and about 95% of them in circulating supply, ICX will evolve in a parallel manner with the market’s demand.