Price: $0.07612319
Volume(24h): $9,590
Market Cap: $18,149,439
Dragonchain is an open source public blockchain platform built on top of the Ethereum technology. The Washington-based cryptocurrency was founded by Joe Rots in 2017. The token was distributed through an initial coin release that raised around nearly USD 14 million in October 2017. The focus of the platform, which competes with Ethereum, is to support an app development environment that does not require new and unknown programming languages, but supports existing ones like C#, Java, and Python. Thus, it aims to help businesses develop and deploy their own blockchain applications fast and easy. The total coin supply of Dragonchain is 433 million with nearly half of them currently in circulation. This project is backed by Disney.


Minable: No

Coin Prefix: DRGN

Type: Token


Latest Hight: $1.41

Dragonchain Markets

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Disney-backed Dragonchain makes blockchain easier to use

  • Launched: December 2017
  • Total Supply: 433.5 million (55% in circulation)
  • Based In: Seattle, Washington, USA

The fire in Dragonchain

Dragonchain (originally known as the Disney Private Blockchain Platform) is a platform that aims to provide a network for developers to deploy Blockchain applications using already known programming languages like Java, Python, Node, C# and Go. The Dragonchain coin represents a token for interaction between developers and enterprises using the platform’s services, such as creating smart contracts, get legal, technical, marketing, and economic advice and support, etc. Dragons could be also used to support projects inside the ecosystem (DragonFund Incubator). That would provide investors with an early access to the data and technology from the best projects. The token’s purpose is to increase adoption within the developer community.


Price development

Dragonchain started trading on December 3, 2017 at around USD 0.26. For the first week, the price soared more than 50% to USD 0.39. Dragon’s value continued to rise in the last weeks of December, eventually closing the month and the year 430% higher at USD 1.38. For the first three days of 2018, the price doubled to USD 2.78, so by the time it made its first month on the market Dragonchain’s value was nearly 1000% higher. From there the digital currency climbed a new all-time high almost every single day until peaking at USD 5.27 on January 9, up 1900% since day one.


The head of the Dragon(Chain)

There are lots of businesses interested in the Blockchain technology right now. But creating a public-ledger technology on your own might be a bit problematic. You would have to hire programmers (because Ethereum's programming language is different than the rest), which means additional time and resources. DragonChain positions itself as a solution to that problem. It allows the development of various apps under the Blockchain technology using already popular languages. This will certainly be appealing to developers to get involved with DragonChain and its features. The network also protects customers’ data, keeps it completely private and allows users to retain full control of their operations and information. The platform operates in a scalable and serverless fashion, where the established programming languages are applicable from day one.


How high will the Dragon(Chain) fly

The Dragonchain will definitely grow with its unique use cases and applications. It aims to create an ecosystem of developers and investors in which the developer wouldn’t need to go to a third party or a bank for funds and would simply raise currency through the platform. (Raising funds as an independent programmer could be really hard nowadays.) Second, the platform is created for businesses to integrate more easily and scale with the Blockchain technology thanks to its programming approach. And last but not least, the Dragonchain team has something that many other cryptos don’t – a huge company behind it - Disney.