Price: $0.70236203
Volume(24h): $2,305
Market Cap: $8,772,354
Boolberry is a cryptocurrency that’s decentralized, peer-to-peer blockchain, based on the CryptoNote technology. It allows digital transfers and payments in a completely anonymous manner, as it further improves security allowing receivers to also remain anonymous. Furthermore, it utilizes latest technology tendencies in cryptography, ensuring transactions cannot be traced or linked to senders, as well as applying ring signatures and singular, one-time transaction keys. Boolberry is a robust, flexible and user-oriented crypto. It applies the Proof-of-Work consensus, as it improves quickness of block verification approval and initially balances participants’ computing speeds while executing on the blockchain.


Minable: Yes

Coin Prefix: BBR

Type: Coin


Latest Hight: $2.96

Boolberry Markets

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