Price: $1.94257
Volume(24h): $38,616
Market Cap: $10,740,278
Blocknet (BLOCK) is the coin of the eponymous decentralized, platform-as-a-service, protocol that dubs itself “The Internet of Blockchains”. The protocol’s goal is to make the blockchains that often exist in their own closed ecosystems, interoperable, mobile, and modular. The BLOCK has been launched in 2014 to finance the development of the protocol and serves as a proof-of-stake. There is a circulating supply of nearly 1.6 million BLOCK. The coin can be traded on Bittrex, Cryptopia, Upbit, CryptoBridge and Abucoins.


Minable: No

Coin Prefix: BLOCK

Type: Coin

Latest Hight: $27.24

Blocknet Markets

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